Biometric Machine :

Finger Time Attendance Machine :
We provide advanced time and attendance system which is based on biometric finger print. This product has some salient features like:

• Delicate exterior
• LCD with four lines display
• Digital keyboard; very convenient to input numbers
• Transaction storage can reach 30000 records
• Can be hung on the wall
• Developed on LINUX platform
• With Window based Software
• All reports in Excel Format

Technical Specification :

Size: 21.6 X 14.4 X 4.6 cm
User Capacity: 1500 Transaction
Storage: 50000
Communications: RS232, RS485, TCP / IP
Identification time : < = 2S FAR: < = 0.0001 % FRR: < = 1 %
Operating Temperature : 0°C - 45°C
Operating Humidity : 20 % - 80 %
Sensor: OEM Optical Sensor 500 DPI
Optional : EM RFID (Proximity)
Card reader Language : English

Face Reader Attendence Machine :

Finger reading devices may have limitations in reading certain fingers like those of senior citizen or labourers. Face / iris readers do not have this limitation and are becoming more and more popular. A face reading device can be used for access control or for attendance recording.

Also called : face readers, face reading attendance systems, biometric attendance systems, iris reading attendance system
Bio-Meteric Lock :
Specifications :
Holding Force 280KG/600lbs
Dimension 250*48*27mm
Armature Plate 80Lx38Wx11H(mm)
Voltage 12/24VDC+10%
Current 0.48A/0.24A
Current Draw 12V/500mA 24V/250mA
Operating Temp -20° ~ 60° C
Working Mode Power off to open(NC)
Finishes for Shell Anodized aluminum
Finishes for Magnetic Zinc
Finishes for Armature Zinc
Access Control :
Specifications :
Operation Mode Proximity Card or PIN
User Capacity 800
Read Card Distance More than 8CM
Read Card Type EM Card or Compatible with EM Card
Lock Control Built-In (NC, NO)
Lock Release Time Programmable
Alarm Output Single
Supply Voltage DC 12V
Working Current <1000m
Static Current <80mA